Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So, I kinda forgot that I have this blog now and forgot to post for a few days. Oops.

To fill you in, my cousin Mandy was in a terrible wreck on the third of July and is in pretty bad shape. She suffered massive brain trauma and is in Neuro ICU at UAB. They finally took her off of the paralysis drugs yesterday, so we're waiting until her brain swelling goes down so that they can run tests and try to determine the extent of the damage. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Other news: I have an interview at HealthSouth on Monday for an HR Coordinator position. Cross your fingers for me. I hope to wow them with my sparkling personality and killer physique in addition to my mad skillz. This is a great opportunity to get into HR in a healthcare setting, which has opportunities all the time and usually pays pretty well.

Other than that, my life is still boring. I go to yoga, I cook dinner, I read email. Later.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Evenin' at the Langford Household

So, I figured I'd flesh this out for those of you out there who don't know me- but chances are, if you don't know me you won't read this anyway. I recently graduated from The University of Alabama with a MA in Management and am currently looking for a job in HR. I go to yoga twice a day at Yin-Yang Yoga Studio here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I host a vegetarian support group once per month at Yin-Yang (next meeting: Saturday, July 1) and don't really do much else since school ended.

Job hunting blows. I can't stand being out of a job because (a) I want enough money to keep myself moderately entertained, and (b) I'm bored to the point that I'm going batshit crazy. I've been on a few interviews but no solid offers yet. This really pisses me off because I've always been a gread worker, I show up to work on time and don't take off work unneccessarily, and I'm a smart person who can pick up basically anything that doesn't involve dealing with blood. Meanwhile, Joe Scmoe Schtupid can bank out with 80K a year picking his nose.


Big Day

So, a blog for me! I really never thought I'd create a blog, but was spurred in order to post on my friend Annie's, so here I am. Hopefully I'll get back on here to post some shizzle soon. Right now I'm sitting around, drinking a cup of honey-lemon green tea, and listening to Peter Gabriel. I am trying to stop smoking, so I'm rather irritable and pissy. Cross your fingers for me and hope for the best- this is only the umpteenth time I've tried to quit, so maybe keeping a weblog will allow me to vent my frustrations to people "out there" instead of in my immediate territory.

Off to search the Web for relevant job postings...